Oasis by Ian Davies

Catalogue No.: OA001ID
Location: London
Date: 18/09/1995
Edition: 120
Print Quality: Fuji Crystal Archive

This limited edition print is available in four sizes. Image size 16 inch x 16 inch / 20 inch x 20 inch / 24 inch x 24 inch / 30 inch x 30 inch. For further information regarding the purchase of a signed limited edition print of this photograph, including the prices - please contact Fouzia Madani Editions via the link below.

Oasis were shot at Perseverance Studios, East London.

'The band had turned up to the studio without their lead singer Liam Gallagher as he had missed his train from Manchester. I started the day as I usually do by offering to make the tea and coffee and making sure that everyone was relaxed. When Liam did arrive the mood in the studio suddenly changed to being a little more tensed - he had had an argument with his brother. We got on with the photo shoot but after shooting the full band I asked if I could photograph Liam and Noel together. When they were stood alongside each other I asked them to hold hands. For a split second they were just about to do it until they looked up and saw the smile on my face that said - 'that just ain't going to look cool' - just to ease the tension between them. And it worked!

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* The photograph was shot using a Hasselblad 6 x 6 medium format camera using 400 asa Kodak film.

* Four print sizes available. Image size 16 inch x 16 inch / 20 inch x 20 inch / 24 inch x 24 inch / 30 inch x 30 inch with an edition limit of 120.

* All sizes specified are the approximate image size only, a further 2-4 inch white border is also added. Nb: border sizes depend on the print size ordered.

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