Mark Morrison by Ian Davies

Catalogue No.: MK001ID
Location: London
Date: 20/01/1995
Edition: 120
Print Quality: Silver Gelatin Fibre Based

This limited edition print is available in four sizes. Image size 16 inch x 12.5 inch / 20 inch x 16 inch / 24 inch x 20 inch / 30 inch x 24 inch. For further information regarding the purchase of a signed limited edition print of this photograph, including the prices - please contact Fouzia Madani Editions via the link below.

Mark Morrison's life and career were plagued with countless court appearances and spells of prison stays - he built up a stage persona around these. Ironically the success of the infectious song Return Of The Mack - taken from the same titled debut album - made him in the 1990s an instant international star; he reached No 1 in the UK charts and he succeeded
where other UK artists failed: he topped the American Billboard charts at No 2 and stayed there for 25 weekks. Crazy, Trippin', Horny and Moan And Groan followed. He was the first artist in British pop history to have five Top 10 from a debut album. Not bad for someone who paid a lookalike to complete his community service sentence for him while he went on tour because he did not want to let his fans down. That's commiment.

'I photographed Mark just before his debut album Return of the Mack was released. Little did I know that some months later he was going to become the biggest selling R&B artist in the UK. He was great on the shoot day, really friendly and helpful and making sure to get the best out of our shoot.'


* The photograph was shot using a Sinar 10 x 8 plate camera - onto a 10 x 8 inch black and white negative.

* Four print sizes available. Image size 16 inch x 12.5 inch / 20 inch x 16 inch / 24 inch x 20 inch / 30 inch x 24 inch with an edition limit of 120.

* All sizes specified are the approximate image size only, a further 2-4 inch white border is also added. Nb: border sizes depend on the print size ordered.

* All artworks are personally signed and numbered by the photographer and are supplied with a certificate of covenant.


* All prints are made using the Lambda printing process and the highest quality digital fibre based / bromide paper materials.

* In addition all print work, unless instructed otherwise, is mounted onto dibond which allows the purchaser the added benefit of receiving the artwork flat and ready to frame. Nb: Dibond is a lightweight composite of aluminium and PVC.

* All artworks are supplied with a subframe and wall holding bracket which allows for the hanging / displaying of your artwork.


* All print work is personally checked and authorised by the photographer and for this reason can take up to 10 working days before delivery to the client.

* Client will receive instructions for the care of your artwork together with white cotton gloves for print / frame handling.


* For UK we package the print in hardened cardboard.

* For sending overseas we send by using one of our lightweight wooden crates.

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