Liam Gallagher (Oasis) by Ian Davies

Catalogue No.: LG001ID
Location: London
Date: 17/09/1995
Edition: 120
Print Quality: Silver Gelatin Fibre Based

This limited edition print is available in four sizes. Image size 16 inch x 16 inch / 20 inch x 20 inch / 24 inch x 24 inch / 30 inch x 30 inch. For further information regarding the purchase of a signed limited edition print of this photograph, including the prices - please contact Fouzia Madani Editions via the link below.

Lead singer with the band Oasis, Liam Gallagher became instantly a recognisable figure in modern British music with the debut release album Definitely Maybe. His erratic behaviour, distinctive voice, northern lad attitude, well-documented bust ups with his brother Noel and stage presence made Oasis a popular live act.

Liam Gallagher was shot at Perseverance Studios, East London.

'Being a Mancunian myself I thought we might get on when I met Liam and Noel. We did thankfully. Later in the evening I met up with Liam, Bonehead and my editor for a drink in Soho. We were going to a party for the launch of a friend's band.  For some reason Liam was refused entry into the venue, and so we all decided to go back to the bar where we had originally met. - Bet they wouldn't refuse him now.'

'This is one of my favourite portraits, partly because it is Liam Gallagher, but also because I got a bit lucky photographing Oasis during the early part of their career, and therefore Liam still has that edginess of looking raw and timeless.'

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