Deborah Harry by Ian Davies

Catalogue No.: DH005ID
Location: New York
Date: 24/02/1993
Edition: 120
Print Quality: Fuji Crystal Archive

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Blondie lead singer Deborah Harry defined the New York punk era in the 70’s. Her iconic image and stage persona made her a regular at the notorious Studio 54; Andy Warhol turned her into a work of art and Rolling Stone magazine announced her as the ultimate cool and sexy woman of all time. Hits like Rapture, The Tide is High and Call Me are classics.

'I had an early evening commission to photograph Deborah Harry in a New York nightclub called Jackie 60’s. But during the day, I had got into a bit of trouble with the cops, and unfortunately got myself locked up. So there I am resigned to the fact that my jail stay was for the night, thinking and worrying how this might look – thinking my opportunity to photograph my favourite female rock artist ever was gone. It was a horrible feeling. But as things turned out it was quite the opposite: I was released earlier than I thought I would be and even though worried, practically flew downtown to the location.
The situation was explained to Deborah by my client and I think she kind of had sympathy that I had been through hell, but still made a big effort to sort it out. We arranged to do the shoot the afternoon of the next day, and as I was leaving the club and on my own – she was also leaving, but when noticing myself, just came over to talk. I will never forget how brilliant she was, introducing me to some of her friends, and wanting to talk about the shoot, and what she would wear the next day. I remember being stood outside the club, talking to this legend, and thinking what on earth is going on, I was almost embarrassed by how nice she was to me after the trouble I had caused her. The next day came and I was stood waiting for her at the planned meeting place. She arrived on her own, just walking up the street with her tiny dog, calling my name to wish me hello. After that photo shoot, I just realised how some people get the success they do, it just comes down to being incredibly cool.' Ian Davies ©

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Technical Data:

The photograph was shot on a Contax 135mm SLR camera using 400 asa Kodak film.

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