24 September 2015

Cameron Leadbetter designs for Bestival Toronto

For the inaugural of Bestival Toronto Cameron was asked to design the stage graphics and festival website loosely based upon the beautiful hand-painted truck art of India.


Bestival Toronto

Brand identity by Cameron Leadbetter




16 July 2015

Cameron Leadbetter designs for Tate Britain - Desire Lines Project

Tate Britain called upon Cameron's creative talent to devise a clever and inspiring project - Desire Lines  - for the Learning Gallery. It was inspired by Simon Nicholson's Theory of Loose Parts: he believed that it is the 'loose parts' in our environment that will empower our creativity.

Three evenly spaced carbon fibre grids were suspended from the ceiling of the gallery and visitors were invited to add to them however they pleased from a range of materials. Projected through the grids, a slide show plays, displaying quotes about creative education, play, space and freedom which become broken, distorted and obscured as more materials are added.


Desire Lines

Devised by Cameron Leadbetter

Tate Britain




12 June 2015

Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger - 10th Anniversary

To coincide with the 10th Anniversary tour for indie rockers Maximo Park's debut album 'A Certain Trigger', Ian Davies's iconic picture of lead singer Paul Smith is being shown on a re-mastered red vinyl version of the Mercury nominated album. To see more work connect to the artist's gallery. We also have a selection of prints from the series available to purchase via our Collective section.                                                              


Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger  

Photographed by Ian Davies © 





27 April 2015

Ian Davies - portraits taken for Soon - Brands of Tomorrow

A new series of portraits that were taken for the book Soon - Brands of Tomorrow.  Soon reveals the inner workings of leading advertisers and creative thinkers from around the globe when asked to create advertising for brands that will answer the needs of society in the future.

This series of portraits were part of a project covering a futuristic department store serving 'pleasure over three floors'  - with each floor indicated with a coloured mapping system. Ian chose a selection of music, film and artist friends to show the viewer the variety of people who might visit the location.                                                       



Photographed by Ian Davies © 2015 




24 March 2015

Cameron Leadbetter designs the new identity for the festival - Common People

Cameron created the identity and provided the illustration for Common People – a new spring festival from Bestival founder Rob Da Bank. The 30,000 capacity, two-day festival on Southampton Common will feature a "really good cross-section” of rock, indie, pop and dance performers on 23 and 24 May 2015.                                                                           


Common People

New identity designed by Cameron Leadbetter




16 February 2015

Cameron Leadbetter designs the new identity for City Social

For the identity of City Social – Jason Atherton's restaurant on the 24th Floor of Tower 42 with stunning views across the City of London, Cameron created an elegant Art Deco look to match the dark wood and leather interior.


City Social

New identity designed by Cameron Leadbetter