27 September 2013

We have just updated Ian Davies's photo-reportage work in the Personal section; this portfolio of work represents some of his favourite personal and caught moment shots from a variety of editorial shoots undertaken with Andre Saraiva and Le Baron in Paris for Vanity Fair, The Billionaire Club in Sardinia for GQ and Stunners International in London for Uppror. The galleries will be regularily updated with more samples - so please keep checking back.                                                                                                                               


Personal Work

Liv photographed by Ian Davies © 2013

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24 July 2013

Glass Artwork

We now include selected prints from our Limited Edition series to be supplied to clients in our new finishing - Glass Art. This signed limited edition artwork of Liam Gallagher during his Oasis days was recently commissioned by a client; the photograph was taken by Ian Davies. The fused glass gives a variety of options for displaying art in various spaces from commercial settings (bar / restaurant / hotel) to a domestic household with the glass panel both adding to the overall effect and also proving a great way to protect the actual photographic print itself. Check out our available Limited Edition artworks in the Collective section and let us know if you would like further details.                                                                                                                          



Liam Gallagher / Oasis

Photographed by Ian Davies © 2013




27 June 2013

Limited Edition Artworks at The Britpop Store

Get all the latest news by following The FMA Facebook: we have just posted a written account of Ian Davies's shoot with Amy Winehouse and unseen photographs from her performance at the 90th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela; also Ian talks about photographing Oasis, Deborah Harry, Bjork and soon will include how he met and photographed Joe Strummer and finally our collaboration with The Britpop Store where you can purchase a wide selection of affordable Signed Limited Edition art work.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Amy Winehouse

Photographed by Ian Davies © 2013

The Britpop Store  

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24 April 2013

Cameron Leadbetter designs for turbinegeneration

Following a long collaboration with Annie Bicknell, learning curator for turbinegeneration, Cameron was asked to produce a book about the project's work around the world during the past six years.

Turbinegeneration is part of the Unilever Series: a project about international collaboration and exchange. It connects schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions worldwide through a social media platform. It is the learning project associated with The Unilever Series, the annual commission that invites an artist to make a work of art especially for Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.                                                                                                                        


Turnbine Generation

Book project designed by Cameron Leadbetter.

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26 March 2013

New Edition Added to the Collective

Please check out our new addition to the Collective. David Bowie Limited Edition Art Print, now made available for sale. Photographed by Ian Davies in 1996 in New York for the Out of Control  book project with RayGun magazine, which included interviews made by Bowie.

To keep up to date with information about new works that become available and where you can view the prints in person please like our facebook page - click here.                                                                                                                     


David Bowie

Photographed by Ian Davies © 2013


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16 February 2013

Cameron Leadbetter designs new book project for artist Clunie Reid

Cameron was invited by artist Clunie Reid and Bookworks Publishing to design Clunie's book Faker Drinker Soldier Heiress.


Clunie Reid

Book project designed by Cameron Leadbetter.

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14 January 2013

Ian Davies project on Behance - MTV / Living On The Edge

This month's project is a photoshoot for the MTV docu-drama 'Living On The Edge' that Ian Davies shot for a national press and PR campaign.  Ian was awarded the prestigious Promax/BDA World Award for best Photography for a youth docu-drama for this work. Check out our Behance network where you can learn more about the project and file share the artwork.  

"I was impressed not only by the 'kinetic' feel of Ian's work that was undertaken for both his music and fashion clients, but also by his ability to get these results out of people who weren't professional models or actors, in a very short time frame."  Paul Wilkinson / MTV Creative Director - Living On The Edge                                                                                    


MTV / Living On The Edge

Project photographed by Ian Davies © 2013


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