Joe Strummer by Ian Davies

Catalogue No.: JS001ID
Location: London
Date: 24/09/1995
Edition: 120
Print Quality: Fuji Crystal Archive

This limited edition print is available in four sizes. Image size 16 inch x 16 inch / 20 inch x 20 inch / 24 inch x 24 inch / 31 inch x 31 inch. For further information regarding the purchase of a signed limited edition print of this photograph, including the prices - please contact Fouzia Madani Editions via the link below.

Before becoming the lead singer of iconic 70's punk rock band the Clash, Joe Strummer was member of the Vultures and the 101’ers. He said at the time, “What I always wanted was to get in with some young yobs who I felt more in tune with. As soon as I saw Mick and Paul walking down Ladbroke Grove with Glen Matlock (in April 1976), I wanted to join the Clash.” The album London Calling propelled the Clash into the limelight worldwide and marked their notoriety for getting in trouble with the law and also gave Strummer a stage to voice his strong political views.
Hit single releases followed: Rock the Casbah, Mustapha Dance and Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Joe Strummer was shot at Orinoco Studios, London.

'I met Joe through Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays. We had worked together on an article for the American magazine Raygun, and a couple of weeks later, I met up with him in a local pub in Portobello, and took a friend who worshipped the Clash and Joe in particular, but who did not know we were meeting him. We spent all night talking about the Clash and Joe’s music and I think my mate was walking around for the next month in a daze. When you get these opportunities with people who inspire so many, you can’t help realising how lucky you are.'

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